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Clausius Institute
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Clausius Institute
Clausius Institute
Clausius Institute
Clausius Institute
Clausius Institute

Celebrating 200 Years of Rudolph Clausius

It was Rudolf Clausius, a professor at the University of Bonn, who in the mid-1800s coined the term entropy, formulated the second law of thermodynamics, and laid the foundations of modern Physical and Theoretical Chemistry - a true transdisciplinary scientist and visionary thinker who cautioned us more than 130 years ago to utilize nature's resources in a sustainable fashion. This year we have commemorated his 200th birthday with a series of academic events.

Clausius Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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Physical Chemistry Lecture Series in this Winter Semester:

17.10.2022 Prof. Dr. Rolf Schäfer, Technical University of Darmstadt

24.10.2022 Dr. Jacek Kozuch, Free University of Berlin

12.12.2022 Prof. Dr. Benjamin Kaupp, CAESAR Institute, and our new Colleague at the Institute since summer. The title: 'At the physical limit - how cells detect single molecules'.

The lectures will be held in the Lecture Hall in the PC building, at 17:15.







News collection
Calculation of absolute molecular entropies and heat capacities

Using quantum mechanical methods, they show that calculation of absolute molecular entropies and heat capacities can be made simple!

Publication in the TOP 5 of the most read 2020 articles

The publication "TRAVIS — A free analyzer for trajectories from molecular simulation" is in the TOP 5 of most read 2020 articles of the Journal of Chemical Physics.


Clausius Institute


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Bonn can easily by reached by train.

Bonn main station is connected to the ICE/IC/EC-net.

The regular stop Siegburg of the ICE route Frankfurt-Cologne can be reached by city railway line 66.

The footpath from the station to the institute is shown on the map.

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